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The Enigma Experiment


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Event Details 

39 De Grey Street 39 Hour Lockdown 

Friday 3rd until Sunday 5th February 2017

Only £90

District: Hull

It’s now your chance to take part in a 39 hour Lockdown at one of Britain’s most haunted houses 39 De Grey Street! You will be joining John Blackburn from the Enigma Experiment and Michael Postlethwaite from Ultimate Haunted UK TV. You will be taking part in live experiments, breathtaking Victorian séances, ghost hunting vigils, lone vigils and much more! You will be filmed the entire weekend by Ultimate Haunted UK TV so we can capture evidence in this extremely active location.

39 De Grey Street in Hull is a hotbed of activity and has been deemed to be a terrifying haunting!

The seven-bedroom semi-detached house has prompted the police to break in after seeing phantom faces at the window only to find that there was nobody in the property. The owner believes it is haunted by an evil 39 De Grey Street force with a dark sinister past that lurks inside the building.  One woman visiting the house claimed that she was pulled across the room by her legs and then pushed backwards with force. Another man claims he was dragged from a chair and held against the wall by unseen hands.  The house has also experienced the moving of chairs and objects flying through the air!

With this type of activity it is the ideal location for a 39 hour lockdown, if you are up for the challenge book soon for places are limited to 16 people only.   

Please note: Before booking this location it may not be suitable for anyone with a nervous disposition. Thank you.


Please note you will have to provide your own sleeping bags and food is not provided in the price of the weekend. 



Terms and Conditions

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